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      A changed nation [1]
      A Memorial of Yugoslavian Jewish prisoners of war: half a century after liberation 1945 – 1995 [1]
      Absence and presence of history - librarians as heritage keepers, researchers and facilitators: About a visit to the World Holocaust remembrance center and its library during an Seminar for Serbian archivists and librarians (Yad Vashem, Israel) [1]
      Akcija sađenja jugoslovenskog dela Šume mučenika 1952-1955: simbolika, rituali i značenje [1]
      Arabs in Israel. Israel, an Apartheid state - Is it so ?!? [electronic record] [2]
      Arapi u Izraelu. Izrael zemlja Aparthejda - Da li ?!? [elektronski zapis] [1]
      Break of SFRY - Israel diplomatic relations in 1967 [1]
      Chaim Weizmann: on the occasion of one year since he died [1]
      Cionizam, Izrael i Alije [1]
      Colonization of Palestine (1926-1936). Part 2 [1]
      Creation of Israel. The role of Yugoslavia in that process and determination according to it [1]
      Departure of Jewish Refugees - Holocaust Victims from European Countries to Palestina Through the Territory of Yugoslavia in 1946-1947 [1]
      Different aspects of Yugoslav - Israeli relations [1]
      Five years of Israeli independence [1]
      From seventy languages - to one [1]
      From the desert to the table : Exhibition of the Biblical Archaeological Collection of the Theological Library Maribor on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Unit in Maribor, Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana [1]
      Guide to Israel [1]
      Hadž-Amin el-Huseini: glasnik religioznih: antijudaizam u savremenom islamskom svetu [1]
      Haj Amin al-Husseini: Herald of Religious Anti-Judaism in the Contemporary Islamic World [1]
      Hajim Vajcman: povodom prve godišnjice smrti [1]