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      Tabelarni pregled logora u Jugoslaviji u kojima su bili zatočeni Jevreji [5]
      Tako je to bilo u Nezavisnoj državi Hrvatskoj (1941-1945): s opširnim historijskim pregledom toga razdoblja [1]
      Teaching about the Holocaust and informal Jewish education [1]
      Teaching Holocaust : methodological notes [1]
      That's how it was in the Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945): with a comprehensive historical overview of that period [1]
      The final solution to the Jewish question in Yugoslavia (1941-1945) [1]
      The future of Holocaust remembrence: postmemory in "East-west street" by Philippe Sands [1]
      The Holocaust Record: The Second Generation [1]
      The Holocaust, European values and local history [1]
      The impact of the restitution on the preservation of cultural and architectural heritage and the urban development of modern Belgrade [1]
      The importance of ghetto fighting [1]
      The kids are running away. From the history of Jewish refugee children during World War II [1]
      The life of Jews during the occupation in the novel "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana de Rosnay [1]
      The military judiciary in post-war years [1]
      The new language oe humanism: do not forget the Holocaust! [1]
      The poetics of the testimony of the saved: from megilas to the big story [1]
      The political role of financial institution: Bankverein AG and Aryanization of Jewish property in Serbia [1]
      The reflection of the past and poetics of postmemory [1]
      The Righteous [1]
      The sale of confiscated Jewish immovable property in Serbia during World War II for financing war damages to Germans [1]