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      "Dnevnik jedne sobarice" Oktava Mirboa i antisemitizam oko 1900. u Francuskoj [1]
      "Fevers of unity" by Stanislav Vinaver [1]
      "Groznice jedinstva" Stanislava Vinavera [1]
      "Jewish question" and immigration crisis in late Victorian Britain [1]
      "Journal d'une femme de chambre" d'Octave Mirbeau et l’antisemitisme des annees 1900 en France [1]
      "They speak through their absence, through what never will be": on the presence of absence in Albahari's novels "Cink" and "Mamac" [1]
      (Post)memorija i naracija traume: zlokobni “Crni psi” Ijana Makjuana [1]
      (Post)memory and the trauma narrative: the eerie “Black dogs” by Ian Mcewan [1]
      1951-1952 competition for the Monument to the fallen Jewish soldiers and victims of fascism in the Sephardi cemetery in Belgrade [1]
      20 godina Istraživačkog i dokumentacijskog centra CENDO: 2000-2020 [1]
      20 years of the Research and Documentation Center CENDO: 2000-2020 [1]
      200 godina Židova u Zagrebu: referati i govori sa proslave 180-godišnjice Jevrejske općine Zagreb (6-9. XI. 1987) [1]
      200 years of Jews in Zagreb: papers and speeches from the celebration of the 180th anniversary of the Jewish community of Zagreb (November 6-9, 1987) [1]
      80 godina od stradanja sremskih Jevreja [1]
      80 years since the suffering of the Jews of Srem [1]
      A Memorial of Yugoslavian Jewish prisoners of war: half a century after liberation 1945 – 1995 [1]
      A Monument to Fallen Jewish Soldiers in the Wars Fought between 1912 and 1919 at the Sephardic Cemetery in Belgrade [1]
      A piros bicikli [1]
      A Sephardic rabbi’s view of his Bosnian neighbours and common Ottoman culture as reflected in his writings [1]
      A zsidó nő szakácskönyve [1]