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      From linguistic fatigue to language murder or... on the influence of Serbo-Croatian on the Bosnian-speaking Hebrew-Spanish language [1]
      From Lucretia to Don Kr[e]ensia, or, Sorry, I Just Had to Convert: The Karakaş Sabbatian Oikotype of a Medieval Romance [1]
      From Messianic Apologetics to Missionary Counterattack in the Sabbatian Sacred Romancero [1]
      From my "Black Notebook". Memories from partisan hospitals in the Dalmatian islands [1]
      From Neutral Usage to Caricature: German Influences on Bosnian Judeo-Spanish, as Reflected in the Writings of the Sephardic Circle [1]
      From prison to camp [1]
      From prisons to camps [1]
      From Pristina to Bergen-Belsen [1]
      From Priština to Bergen-Belzen [1]
      From ring to image: the Jewish community of Šid through the prism of archaeology, history, and art history [1]
      From Sajmište to Fort Ontario [2]
      From seventy languages - to one [1]
      From shame and wandering to the Jewish theme (conditionality of origin and literature in the work of Aleksandar Tišma) [1]
      From Sombor to Uppsala [2]
      From the desert to the table : Exhibition of the Biblical Archaeological Collection of the Theological Library Maribor on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Unit in Maribor, Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana [1]
      From the history of Jewish buildings in Bijeljina: (fragments from the past of Bijeljina Jews) [1]
      From the History of the Jews in Croatia [1]
      From the history of the Jews in southeast Europe [1]
      From the history of the Sephardic community in England [1]
      From the message [1]