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Special police and the suffering of Jews in Belgrade under German occupation 1941-1945

dc.creatorBožović, Branislav
dc.description.abstractU stradanju Jevreja u okupiranom Beogradu odgovarajući udeo imala je i domaća politička, odnosno specijalna policija, o čemu govore mnogobrojni, ranije nedostupni policijski podaci i dokumenti. Pronađeni su dragoceni spisi, koji su omogućili da se kompleksno sagleda taj problem, odnosno da se raščisti pitanje u čemu se sastojalo učešće kvislinškog policijskog aparata u proganjanju i stradanju Jevreja 1941-1944.
dc.description.abstractAs soon the persecution and elimination of Jews in occupied Serbia, Belgrade in particular, war organized and carried out by the German occupying authorities, something that has been profusely written about. However, very little has been said about the role of the traitorous authorities, above all the police, in the implementation of the repressive measures against the Jews, in which the Special Police played a crucial role. Historians and other researchers, who have been denied access to the archived material (more than 15,000 dossiers) of the Special Police for too long, got the opportunity to examine the authentic police sources only after this material was made available to the public. The revelation of new, genuine data served as a basis for analyzing and establishing all types of activities of the local political police against the "Serbian" Jews. All this led to answers, in this text, to important questions, such as: what were the tasks that the occupying authority assigned to the Special Police; what repressive measures did they apply; were their activities within the scope of the usual responsibilities of the local police force in other occupied countries in Europe; did the Special Police take part in the physical elimination of Jews, as did the Ustashi police in the Independent State of Croatia (they were the actual executioners); who from the police ranks was responsible for the misdeeds committed during the prosecution of the Jewish population.en
dc.publisherBeograd : Savez jevrejskih opština Jugoslavije [Federation of Jewish Communitues in Jugoslavia]sr
dc.sourceZbornik 8 : Studije, arhivska i memoarska građa, Jevrejski istorijski muzej - Beograd = Jewish studies 8 : Studies, archival and memorial materials, Jewish historical museum - Belgradesr
dc.subjectJevreji - Jugoslavijasr
dc.subjectspecijalna policijasr
dc.subjectHolokaust - Jugoslavijasr
dc.subjectJevreiji - Beograd (1941-1945)sr
dc.subjectJews - Yugoslaviasr
dc.subjectJews - Belgrade (1941-1945)sr
dc.subjectSpecial policesr
dc.subjectHolocaust - Yugoslaviasr
dc.titleSpecijalna policija i stradanje Jevreja u okupiranom Beogradu 1941-1944sr
dc.titleSpecial police and the suffering of Jews in Belgrade under German occupation 1941-1945en
dcterms.abstractБожовић, Бранислав; Специјална полиција и страдање Јевреја у окупираном Београду 1941-1944; Специјална полиција и страдање Јевреја у окупираном Београду 1941-1944;
dc.rights.holderSavez jevrejskih opština Srbije = Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbiasr
dc.description.otherOvaj rad je dobio prvu nagradu 2001. godine, na 45-om Nagradnom konkursu Saveza jevrejskih opština
dc.description.otherStr. 148-168: Hronološko-tematski izbor dokumenata.

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